to my big hearted little sister, my sweetums, my love, my inspiration, my heart… have a happy birthday @jessemmanuel_! to me and everyone you touch, you are a ray of sunshine in a cold and ugly world. your super power is simply being awesome even when the going gets tough; joy glitter bursts from your fingertips; your aura is confetti colored; you are truly something else. I love you sibling! have a beautiful and wonderful and happy day!!!!
10.06.14 /12:44/ 3
new work by @azemezi set to ruditmental’s “waiting all night”. watch it here —>
09.14.14 /15:22
photo courtesy of @jessemmanuel_  (at Le Gamin Vanderbilt)
08.22.14 /22:48/ 5
the love I have for this little lady…  (at Madison Square Park)
08.18.14 /20:57
Earlier today… 😜🙌💋 (at MangoSeed Restaurant)
08.02.14 /21:51/ 1
Shout out to @dulcineadetwah & @desiritadelarosa for my little birthday surprise 🎂🍰😊 Thank you ladies!!! (at The Actors Fund Arts Center)
07.26.14 /21:54/ 1
It truly is the little things :: Happy birthday to me~!!! photo courtesy of @jazzrebel84 #happy #birthday  (at Pier 1 Brooklyn Bridge)
07.23.14 /18:50/ 1
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